KCSU Official Statement of Support for Sophia Cooke

Posted 2017/11/25 14:22:48 by blc35

In the light of her recently published blog and the subsequent media coverage, KCSU wishes to release a statement of support for Sophia Cooke.

KCSU stands with Sophia Cooke and commits itself to tackling the lack of support given to survivors of intimate partner violence by the university. We know that this is an issue that disproportionately affects postgrad women and we want to assert our belief in and solidarity with those survivors. We appreciate her courage for using her story to spread wider awareness of the issue, and want to mobilise this awareness to make changes within the institution. King’s is our domestic environment as well as our academic environment for the time we are here and so it is crucial to ensure everyone can feel safe. Led by Sophia, our new Graduate Women’s Officer we are beginning a working group to ensure greater protection for survivors within King’s harassment policy and we urge other JCR’s to do the same.

If you have not yet read the blog, here is the link (cn: domestic abuse, violence, sexual assault, PTSD, anxiety, depression) : https://victimscanbestrong.com/

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