CUSU Council + Hustings: 26th February

Posted 2015/02/24 00:49:18 by Lee Nissim


CUSU Council is taking place on Thursday this week, so that it can also serve as the hustings for CUSU Sabbatical positions that are currently campaigning. The hustings will start straight after the Council meeting and so everybody should come down to the Arts School Lecture Room (wherever that is) to have a listen and also question some candidates. There’s a lot of King’s names running this year, so I am lead to believe, so it’ll be well worth the visit. Council starts at 7:15pm  and looking at the agenda, it’ll probably be over in an hour so come down at around 8:30pm.

Attached is this weeks agenda, the disabled students campaign constitution, some sabbatical officer contracts and last meeting’s minutes. Something that wasn’t made clear last time we voted on passing contracts is that the salaries are not yet fixed and will be fixed at some point in the future by CUSU Council, i.e. us via these surveys. There will be time to discuss how much we think Sabbatical Officers should get and revise the figure up or down.

So as usual, have a read of the things and get on this survey!



Sabbatical Contract of Employment – Sabb-NONTrusteeFeb15-2

Sabbatical Contract of Employment 15-16 – WAR – Feb15-2

Sabbatical Contract of Employment – Sabb-Trustee Feb15-3

Lent III Minutes-2

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