CUSU Council – 16th February

Posted 2015/02/15 00:11:55 by Lee Nissim


The next CUSU council meeting is happening on Monday evening and the agenda has been sent out for us all to have a look at. There are four motions this time which include:

1. Motion to Provide Information and Resources for Ending Abusive Relationships
2. Motion to fight the use of unpaid internships
3. Amendment to NUS Conference motion “Society and Citizenship proposal CD5″
4. Motion to approve Sabbatical Officer contracts for 2015-16

As ever, I’ve attached the agenda, the Sabbatical Officer contracts in question and last meetings minutes. I’ve also added a link to the NUS Society and Citizenship proposal CD5, so that you can have a browse of that if you feel inclined, before voting on the proposed amendment. Give the agenda a read and then fill out this survey with your thoughts.



Lent II Minutes

Sabbatical Contract of Employment – Sabb-Trustee Feb15

Sabbatical Contract of Employment 15-16 – WAR – Feb15

Sabbatical Contract of Employment – Sabb-NONTrusteeFeb15


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